The Path to God-Realization – The Kaivalya Upanishad Explained

von Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

Few books have endured and reminded relevant throughout the ages. This magnificent Vedic text, the Kaivalya Upanishad, is among them. Although it is ancient, it is best described as eternal; its teachings transcend the past, present, and future. Undoubtedly, this book is not meant for casual reading; its words must be absorbed and deeply contemplated to receive the priceless gift hidden within them. What is this gift? The Kaivalya Upanishad expertly teaches the path of liberation and the knowledge of the Self. One who possesses this sacred knowledge realizes the concerns of life and our connection to the Divine.
Throughout the history of humankind seekers have listened to the cry of their souls and sought to find out „Who Am I?“ and „What is my purpose in this world?“. Thousands of years ago the compassionate rishis of India taught us how to find the answers. The commentary in this marvelous book by Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji shines a spotlight on the profound truths presented in this masterpiece, making them easier to comprehend and apply to the modern-day world. The wisdom in this book is endless.

Publiziert 2023

ISBN: 978-3-99000-168-4

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