I Will Collect Flowers for Thee

von Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

Try to imagine a world without flowers. What would it be like? Less vibrant, less inspiring, less joyful, less peaceful? Flowers create so much beauty. In their stillness they captivate us and draw us inward. While rhythmically dancing with the breeze, they enchant us and enliven our hearts.

How would you describe a flower? Poets have compared them to clusters of stars or the secret abode of forest fairies. Some insightful beings have compared them to the soul.

Flowers have a special message for seekers on the spiritual path. What is that message? Flowers show us that the spiritual path need not be complicated. There is no need to follow complex doctrines or subject oneself to difficult or harsh penance. One simply needs to emulate a flower’s purity, beauty, and selflessness.

In I Will Collect Flowers for Thee Paramahamsa Prajnanananda presents original and thought-provoking insight about how our lives are like gardens, and our minds are like gardeners. As this marvelous book nourishes you, it will also challenge you to consider the role you play in the wanton destruction of the natural world. You cannot read this book without feeling a greater love and respect for Mother Earth. Paramahamsaji’s complete oneness with nature will speak to you on many levels. May every new revelation take seed in your heart and mind, blossom into a magnificent flower, and bring beauty and inspiration to all God’s creation.

Publiziert 2020

ISBN: 978-3-99000-099-1

Preis: 13 Euro + Versandkosten

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