Devarshi Narada – A Sage and A Mystic

von Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

Among India’s most notable spiritual personalities perhaps no one has captured the hearts and imaginations of seekers as fondly as the incomparable Devarshi Narada. Stories of his illustrious life and teachings can be found as far back as the ancient Vedas, as well as in many later spiritual texts. Those familiar with this great being know that his contribution to human evolution is incomprehensible. Even today the mere mention of his name creates waves of joy in the hearts of those seeking union with God through bhakti, the path of devotion and love. As we read the many accounts of the sage’s life, we find that he could be just as vulnerable as we are. At other times he was a mystical, magical time traveler who navigated through dimensions to deliver messages between earth and heaven. Many stories depict him as a cosmic trickster who “stirred the pot” in others’ lives to teach them important life lessons. Devarshi Narada is both celestial and human, a teacher as well as a student, serious as well as playful, a devoted friend and a lover of God and humankind. This beautiful combination of qualities appeals to every aspect of our being.

Devarshi Narada: A Sage and a Mystic, written by Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, is a rare gem lovingly offered at the immortal feet of Devarshi Narada. As you read the stories and teachings of Devarshi Narada, uniquely narrated through the sage’s own words, you will discern Paramahamsaji’s special relationship with this great sage who has been a valuable source of inspiration and guidance for him throughout his life. This cherished relationship, nurtured since childhood, lends to his deep insight into one of India’s greatest spiritual luminaries. Though these stories and teachings are ancient, they have lost neither savor nor potency. In fact, in today’s world when so many lack a purpose in life, when love for God and humankind is on the decline, they are more significant than ever.

Publiziert 2018

ISBN: 978-3-99000-086-1

Preis: 11 Euro + Versandkosten

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