In the Company of My Master – Vol 3

von Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

Great beings have great goals. Spiritual greatness is achieved by those who have the noblest and highest goal of all. But the goal is not enough. One must also possess the determination, discipline, and love to pursue it wholeheartedly.

At an age when most young men are chasing dreams of financial success and relationships, Triloki Dash (later known as Paramahamsa Prajnanananda) focused on only one thing: attaining the summit of spiritual realization. His intense longing eventually led him to the ashram of Paramahamsa Hariharananda, one of the greatest realized masters in modern history. Among spiritual giants Paramahamsa Hariharananda was extraordinary. His teachings were simple, his depth unfathomable. His words and actions had a weighty purpose; they were all hints to help his students unravel the mystery of life. His life was a living scripture. Ultimately, his most remarkable quality was the unconditional love that flowed like a mighty river from his heart. It charged the atmosphere and transformed the lives of countless spiritual seekers.

This marvelous book is the third volume in a series written from Paramahamsa Prajnanananda’s notes during his discipleship at the feet of his beloved Paramahamsa Hariharananda. It is an invaluable tool for every seeker of Truth. The deeply personal narrative provides an intimate glimpse into the mind and heart of an exceptional student as well as into the teachings that helped him attain spiritual realization. We are also allowed to witness the eternal bond of love between a realized master and his devoted student.

Publiziert 2021

ISBN: 978-3-99000-157-8

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