Expressions of Love – Prayer and Meditation

Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

Driven by an unrelenting desire for nectar, the butterfly flies from one flower to the next. When it discovers the one that holds the sweet treasure, it gently alights, becoming completely still, as it blissfully enjoys the nectar. Similarly, our restless mind is like the fluttering butterfly, going here and there in a constant pursuit to find the sweetness of happiness and peace – but it is only when we become absorbed in meditation and prayer and the mind is still and tranquil that we will enjoy the divine nectar. Transform your mind through meditation and prayer and your life will be transformed. It will become peaceful, full of love, and complete. This divine life is always at our hand – if we really want it.

Published 2012

ISBN: 978-3-99000-012-0

36 Pages, Price: 1 Euro + Shipping


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