Kriya Yoga: In the Flow of Omniscience


There are many different ways to bring the messages of the masters into our lives. Their lives are completely directed for our spiritual progress and evolution. Their divine look inspires us. Their messages motivate us. Their thought brings a new throb in the heart.

Paramahamsa Hariharanandaji was the living manifestation of the teachings of all the masters and the harmony of teachings of the scriptures of different religions. He is the guiding force for countless seekers in the entire world. Through his loving presence in the life of the spiritual aspirants, he creates a new ray of hope to grow and progress in the unknown path of God-realization. He makes the path simple, and provides enough spiritual food for the seekers.

This is a colorful pictorial book with beautiful, rare, and original paintings of the masters of the Kriya Yoga lineage with brief descriptions of their lives and messages, photos of Paramahamsaji’s ashrams, charity projects, and centenary events, and much more.

Published 2006

ISBN: 978-3-902038-65-4

100 Pages

Price: 23€ + Shipping


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