In the Company of My Master – Vol 4

by Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

Nothing is more precious to disciples than spending time with their spiritual teacher, especially when the teacher is a God-realized master. What a gift is this intimate view into Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji’s cherished moments with his beloved Gurudev, the eminent Kriya Yoga Master Paramahamsa Hariharananda. Volume 4 of „In the Company of My Master“ narrates Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji’s apprenticeship with his master at Karar Ashram from 1987 to 1989.
Readers will find this book captivating, but its stories are much more than beautiful memories; they are a roadmap to Self-realization. Paramahamsa Hariharananda is the perfect master, a marvelous blend of unconditional love and infinite wisdom, equally adept at being in the world and beyond it. Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, his foremost disciple, was uncompromising in his commitment to his master. Their bond was impenetrable.
Gurudev Paramahamsa Hariharanandaji, humble and selfless, had only one wish for his disciples: to reach the state of realization – then exceed it. His heart was fathomless.

Published 2022

ISBN: 978-3-99000-158-5

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Language: English

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